Friday, 23 January 2009

How it all started

Today topic is the presentation of my Diet and how it all started.
I eat fruits, veggies and nuts. Uncooked. No supplementation.
Raw food means uncooked food. To me it also means vegan. There are people that eat raw meat and raw diary. Well, if it is wrong or right, lets ask our guts: if you see an animal carcass, do you salivate thinking "yummy...yummy..."?, but if you see a ripe mango I bet you feel you want to reach for it.
I started Raw food in April 2007.
Why Raw food?
My story began in 2006, when I became vegetarian.
2006 was a year of big changes for me: broke up the most important romantic relationship, quit smoking, organised to move to London. Decided to do my first Ultramarathon.
I gave up meat because I couldn't not stand anymore the bad energy of it. It had been already few months that I would go to the supermarket and I would force myself to buy meat. My gut was telling me no, my heart was crying, still my mind was ordering my hands to pick it up, put it in the trolley and pay for it.
After several fights with my inner self I decided to make a trial : no meat only fish.
I consulted a psychic lady " why on earth can I not stand meat anymore, I am not even a big animals fan!!!"( now I am!!! indeed) "and I like the taste, but when i pass by it, I pick up something bad, and I feel sad..."
" Your energy is changing, your spirituality is taking a new path, you can feel the energy now" she explained.
It did not make much sense. Anyway I carried on only with fish and dairy etc...Until the same happened with fish. In a matter of few weeks here I was: no meat, no fish, no egg. And a few months later no dairy as well. One year after becoming vegetarian, I embraced Raw food with the passion, the ethusiasm, and the gratitude of a teenager for their first lover.
It took me months of intense immersion into the world of nutrition: seminars, books, videos, articles, meeting with people, cooking and un-cooking classes, find peace with my new vegan being. At the Medical School they dont teach this. We grow up with the misconception that we NEED meat and dairy....what a big big lie.
Thanksfully I have enough medical-scientific background to feel confident about what I talk about- not because I have been taught this at School, but because I have studied it myself using my medical skills to understand better. Not only human beings DONT NEED meat and dairy, but also the wonder is: do they do better without?

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  1. Stef, I am so proud of you that you managed to stick with your incredible diet all these years. I am trying to imagine what your kitchen looks like now! :D